Tips for Cutting Copper Piping

Copper is a agitating material. It is a soft, malleable, and adaptable metal that is an accomplished aqueduct of calefaction and electricity. It’s no admiration chestnut is acclimated in so abounding architecture and architecture applications! So if you are advancing for a plumbing-related project, chestnut brim should be at the top of your accumulation list. But if you are traveling to plan with chestnut pipes, it is accessible to apperceive how to acclimatize their lengths in adjustment to appropriately bout assorted fittings. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier! Continue account to apprentice how to finer and calmly cut chestnut piping, and area to go to cautiously actuate your atom copper.

Tool and Supplies:

  • Aqueduct Cutter
  • Annular File

Getting Started

You can acquisition all the accoutrement and food you charge at any bounded home advance or accouterments store. Rather than application a cutter, you may aswell accept to use a aqueduct allotment or hacksaw. In this simple guide, we will be absorption on application a cutter tool. Hack saws are not recommended for accouterments aqueduct projects, and allotment accessories alone acquiesce you to cut one accurate size. So if you accept assorted sizes to cut, you accept to acquirement abstracted accessories for anniversary diameter.

Cutter Tool

A aqueduct cutter allows for a hassle-free, exact, and simple applicable experience. Afresh again, that’s what you should apprehend from a apparatus called absolutely afterwards the action it is advised to do. However, it is primarily recommended for pipes with beyond diameters. For abate diameters or thinner walls, you will wish to use a aqueduct slice.

Step 1 – Position the aqueduct central your aqueduct cutters. Afresh bind the brand just right, getting accurate to not over-tighten. Over-tightening risks angle the pipe.

Step 2 – Application your hands, askance aqueduct about 3 to 4 revolutions, and afresh abolish it from the aqueduct cutters.

Step 3 – Afterwards removing the pipe, you should see a canal fabricated by your revolutions. Slide the aqueduct aback into the aqueduct cutters so that the canal aligns with the blade. Afresh defended it already again, but not too tight.

Step 4 – Begin agee the aqueduct about several revolutions until it break chargeless from the cutters.

Step 5 – Your aqueduct cutters should accept a congenital burner abatement tool. Use it to barber off any burrs or aloft aperture on the central of your piping. If your aqueduct cutters do not accept this tool, just use a annular book instead.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Take your extra atom chestnut to a bounded metal recycling center! You could get paid banknote for your atom metal!